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Why have I received a bill from Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky?

Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky provides professional radiology services for St. Elizabeth Healthcare, OrthoCincy Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Highpoint Health Hospital and Carroll County Medical Center. If you as a patient received imaging services at one of these facilities (such as an x-ray, CT, or MRI), Radiology Associates is the physician group that read and interpreted the results of those images. You have received a bill from Radiology Associates if your insurance specified that all or a portion of that bill should be covered by you as an out of pocket expense.

Where should I go for questions regarding my bill?

For billing questions or concerns, please call 877-460-2296 to speak with one of our representatives.

How do I make a payment by check?

To make a payment by check, please mail to the following address:

Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky, PLLC
PO Box 371863
PITTSBURGH, PA 15250-7863

Can I make a payment over the web?

Yes! Please go to and enter the patient’s first and last name, the account number from your statement and an email address (optional). Enter the amount of your One-time Payment, then click on Credit/Debit Card to provide your credit card information. Select continue to have your payment processed.

It appears that a charge from Radiology Associates has appeared on my credit report. What can I do?

Radiology Associates does our best to reach patients with a balance by sending to the patient multiple patient statements by mail. Unfortunately, there are times when we have a bad address on file, or the patient does not make their payment timely which results in the patient going to collections. Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky uses Merchant's Credit Guide as their collection agency. Questions regarding your bill in collections can be addressed by calling 888-249-3811. Merchant's Credit Guide will work with you to resolve your issue.



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