Our History

Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky has had a presence in the Northern Kentucky community for over 70 years. In 1947, Dr. Maurice Walsh and Dr. Norman Adair founded the company and opened an office in Covington, KY on Scott Street. In 1949, Drs. Adair and Walsh became the radiologists at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington where they were joined by Dr. M.M. Garrett (1953) and Dr. Don Janney (1957).

The group, then known as Walsh and Adair, became Radiology Associates in the early 1960s. In the early 1970s, the group was then incorporated under the name Garrett and Janney, DBA Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky. In 1994, Dr. Herbert Francis of St. Luke Hospitals (formerly William Booth Memorial Hospital) merged his practice with Radiology Associates. The group has since continued with steady growth in membership, going from 9 physicians in 1976 to 25 in 2000 to now 33 in 2019.

Today, Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky provides professional radiology services throughout the St. Elizabeth Health System as well as Highpoint Health in Lawrenceburg, IN, Carroll County Memorial Hospital in Carrollton, KY and for OrthoCincy Orthopedic group which has offices in both Kentucky and Ohio.

Emeritus Members
Dr. Maurice Walsh
Dr. Norman Adair
Dr. M.M. Garrett
Dr. Don Janney
Dr. Paul Crary
Dr. David Eversole
Dr. Charles Allnut
Dr. Herbert Francis
Dr. Walter Eiseman
Dr. Robert Scott
Dr. Donal Gaynor
Dr. Byron Marks
Dr. Stephen Moeller
Dr. Joshua Farber
Dr. Richard Laib
Dr. John Kerman

Previous Business Managers
Frank Bauer
Joe Roessel
Chad Wiggins


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